Accelerate Drug Development & Empower Data Analytics

InovIntell brings together three types of expertise:

Digitization expertise

with proprietary platform
and ad hoc interactive communication tools development

Artificial intelligence and data science expertise

with machine learning, natural language
processing, data-visualization, automatization, in silico decision making.

Life sciences expertise

in development, regulatory, access, health economics, medical affairs
and commercial affairs

Who We Are

InovIntell Is Driven
by The Strategic Vision
of The Founders

The collaborative spirit, the diversity on all fronts, the freedom
of thinking foster creativity and innovation, while keeping in mind our clients' goals.

What we do

We are building The Next Generation Toolbox
for life sciences organizations

We help life sciences organizations reaching their goals in a smarter and faster way, for the ultimate benefit of patients, with solutions using AI as an ubiquitous and invisible tool. We work with:


Our Leadership Team

InovIntell is a company of experts in Artificial Intelligence dedicated to providing solutions for the life science industry and enhancing the development and evaluation process for medical products.


Areas of expertise

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Data Visualization

Life Science


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