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InovIntell is rapidly growing and we are looking for passionate individuals who want to contribute to the advancement of life sciences. Opportunities are available in France, Netherlands, Poland, Tunisia, and Georgia (see below).

company's values

Do you recognize yourself in these values?


Our success also relies on acceptance of our colleagues’ different views, cultures, education, personal experiences, and personalities. We are proud of the high degree of diversity in our team.


We encourage people to express themselves and for managers to listen and give regular, constructive feedback to support everyone’s development. We rely on establishing trustful and open communication in the company as the basis of confident exchanges.

Team spirit

We create a culture of warmth and belonging where all employees support each other under all circumstances. We value team effort, collective intelligence, and out-of-the box thinking. We celebrate our team successes. Together we want to shape our future.


We lead by example and encourage the development of employees through on-the-job experience and feedback. We value proactiveness and empower employees to take initiatives. We give preference to internal promotions over external hires.


We aim to be pioneers in our field. We encourage creativity, innovation, and exploration of new solutions.


We are mutually respectful, fair, honest, and ethical under all circumstances.


We are hiring junior and experienced talents across several areas of expertise and geographies

Opportunities are available in France, the Netherlands, Poland, Tunisia, and Georgia.

  • software development engineers
  • full stack developers
  • front end developers

AI and data science experts

  • ML
  • NLP
  • data visualization

life science experts

  • regulatory affairs
  • medical affairs
  • PRMA
  • clinical

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