InovIntell aims to be a reference company
in the field of AI for life sciences

about us

Our Story

InovIntell was founded by two scientists, Pr. Mondher Toumi and Dr. Samuel Aballea, with a successful track record in business. They previously founded Creativ-Ceutical, a successful venture in life science consulting, which is now part of Putnam, an Inizio Advisory company.

After 13 years of collaboration in life sciences consulting, they founded InovIntell, with the objective to enhance consulting services through the use of AI capabilities and digital expertise, combined with mastery of life sciences research.


Our Vision

Our founding principle is the balance of human and artificial intelligences combined for successful outcomes.

Machines can store enormous amounts of data and process them quickly. They can detect patterns that are otherwise invisible to humans. However, humans are still incomparable when it comes to creative and critical thinking.
We believe that the combination of human and artificial intelligence provides the most powerful and efficient solutions.
We operate with a network of life sciences and AI experts, who work together with our clients to deliver tailor-made, powerful solutions.
We aim to deliver user-friendly solutions, with an unobtrusive AI component.

Leadership Team

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